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We do more than you think

phs Direct, part of phs Group, supplies thousands of customers with a wide range of washroom consumables and products ranging from cleaning materials and paper products to hand dryers.

With over 25 years of experience, our team can provide the expertise and know how to help you save money on your consumables spend, delivered straight to your door.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and commitments are in the here and now; the focus of our values and priorities are at the forefront of our mindset, our modus operandi, embedded throughout our organisation and forming part and parcel of our daily actions.

What makes phs different? It’s our commitment to do the right thing.

Many of our customers are under increasing pressure to reduce their plastic waste footprint. This is a complex challenge: the daily running of our customers' businesses depends on the products we provide, and there are many plastic products where no viable alternative exists today. As market trends develop and new product categories emerge, our customers look to us for custom solutions, practical advice and up-to-the-minute expertise on making their operations more sustainable.

As part of our policy to provide our customers with high quality products and services, businesses within the Group are constantly developing and sourcing new products. We work closely with our customers and suppliers in the development of new, redesigned or substantially improved products.


Our UK-sourced consumable range

At phs, we are able to offer the full hygiene solution – which includes anything from sanitary bins to water saving solutions, and from air purifiers to cleaning consumables – visit phs Group to find out more.

Our chemical ranges exceed the needs of the most stringent industry standards, e.g. EN14476, EN1276 and EN13697.

Via our UK-sourced consumable range - from our vetted and best in class global supply partners - phs recognises that our by-products from packaging or product waste must have a tangible recycling proposition or some other means to utilise that waste. From our class leading ‘paper wrapped in paper’ approach (eliminating plastic use and focussing on recycled FSC accredited and sustainable material sources) to utilising bamboo or sugar cane materials in our paper products, we are delivering cost effective solutions to our customers that don’t cost the earth.

Chemical free cleaning

Our enzyme-based concentrated cleaning products are fully biodegradable, which helps our customers meet their sustainability goals, reduce costs, whilst maintaining cleaning standards.

To view our extensive cleaning chemical range, click here.


Period Equality for all!

At phs, we believe everyone should have access to the period products they need. Schools, colleges, universities, business and the public sector have a vital role to play in ending Period Inequality in the UK and we are here to support with an extensive range of period products, guidance and support to ensure no-one misses out because of their period. 

Our product ranges from standard pads and tampons, to organic and re-usable pads and menstrual cups. Whatever you need, we can cater for you!

Making a difference

We were appointed to the UK Government’s official Period Poverty Taskforce with one common goal; eliminating Period Inequality. In partnership with Bloody Good Period, phs is leading one of just three workstreams tasked at improving access to period products for those who need it. We believe that bringing together our expertise, experience and resource will create a force to be reckoned with.

We are also working closely with the Department for Education to deliver the Period Equality programme to over 20,000 schools across England. This scheme provides learners with free products to ensure they do not miss out on their education.



If you are a school in England and haven’t ordered your products yet, please call 01827 255500 or email to find out more.

To support schools’ even further, together with Lil-Lets and Brook, we have created educational lessons plans for schools from year 4 to 9. These lesson plans can purely be delivered on their own or to complement the schools current offering.

Download our lesson plans here.

Further information regarding our Period Equality programmes can be found here.

Action now to make a difference

As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland and Spain, it is our responsibility to set benchmarks for standards, to drive change and to innovate.

Our work, providing essential services and products to over 300,000 customer locations, enabling them to stay hygienic and legally compliant, is more important than ever.

From initiatives across the Group, such as:

  • The introduction of more fuel efficient and environmentally cleaner washroom vehicles
  • Our eco-friendly, carbon neutral air fresheners
  • Plastic-free chemical sachets and enzyme-based cleaning materials
  • Raising awareness of Period Inequality
  • Milestones in reducing waste, increasing the lifespan of products and providing sustainable energy resources
  • Not forgetting our ground-breaking LifeCycle Strategy, which remains the driving force behind our commitment to develop and promote progressive and environmentally responsible solutions.

We are committed to improving sustainability and social impact throughout our organisation – from new initiatives and products to ongoing work that builds on our past achievements – as we prepare for even greater challenges ahead.

Click on each theme to find out what we are doing as a Group across Water, Land, Air and Wellness, or download our CSR brochure.