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Free Consumables Audit

As part of our total business solution for key account clients, phs Direct provides a free Consumables Audit, an in-depth review of your organisation’s hygiene consumables buying patterns. This way we can maximise the cost-effectiveness of your consumables procurement.
Our workplace consumables procurement experts will analyse your current spending on consumables and the type and frequency of products you are buying. We will then provide an evaluation report, with recommendations of the changes necessary to improve efficiency and savings.

Under the free phs Direct Consumables Audit we concentrate on the 4 main factors:
● Product Rationalisation
● Innovation
● Sustainability
● Cost Savings

Product Rationalisation

Here we take an in-depth look at your product procurement mix. You may be purchasing two types of cleaning chemical products, which can be replaced with one multi-purpose solution achieving the same results in terms of performance, instantly halving your costs.

The free phs Direct Consumables Audit will rationalise your cleaning and hygiene product purchases to achieve the most cost-efficient product line-up to meet your budgetary and cleaning needs.

Cost Savings

At phs Direct we pride ourselves on the long-term customer relationships we enjoy, in part by providing a cost-effective total building solution to organisations.

Our free Consumables Audit is integral to building customer loyalty because we proactively save you cost by ensuring your organisation is purchasing the most cost effective products for all your building hygiene and cleaning needs.


Technical innovation in the world of washroom, floor care and total building cleaning is progressing rapidly. At phs Direct our whole-market approach ensures that our clients have access to the most innovative consumables available.

Our free Consumables Audit will highlight the innovative product options which will result in more effective cleaning and hygiene performance and associated cost benefits for your organisation.


phs Direct ensures our customers have access to consumables which meet the environmental and sustainable standards which are so important in protecting our planet from the impact of modern life.

The results of our free Consumables Audit in terms of suggesting energy and water-saving products, can also have a very real benefit in reducing your organisation’s utility overheads.

If you would like to arrange a workplace consumables audit for your business, please contact us to arrange a visit.